Percentage of profit that will be donated 

Thank you for using our services. Your investment improves students' well being and promote self-initiated learning in the pandemic.

E-Concept guarantees to use your funds responsibly and efficiently. All the tuition fees will be transferred directly to Mother's Choice and deliver positive change for foster children in Hong Kong. Your donations will be used to cover our necessary expenses and for research and development.


Our Partners

In Benefit of Mother's Choice

Mother's Choice

As E-Concept aims to contribute to the community, we have decided to partner with Mother's Choice. Stringent accounting procedures have been established to ensure your funds directly transfer to Mother's Choice, where expert field staff makes sure your contributions are used responsibly and efficiently to provide benefits to foster children in Hong Kong.


Changing Young Lives Foundation

Since 2021, E-Concept has collaborated with CYLF to support the underprivileged by providing free-of-charge group classes. We are currently assisting 6 classes of P5 students and 4 classes of P6 students on a weekly basis. 


ECF Saint Too Canaan College 

Starting from April 2021, E-Concept has offered free one-to-one tutorial services to F1 to F3 students who are enrolled in STCC. They can also purchase notes and used books in our store at a 50% discount. 


Hong Kong Church Network For The Poor

E-Concept has collaborated with HKCNP and its church partners to serve underprivileged students from May 2021. HKCNP is our sponsor and key partner. Together, we empower the students to break the cycle of poverty through the network.