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Welcome to E-Concept

An Online Tutoring Non-Profit Organisation

Wide Variety of Subjects

We are able to provide tutorial for a wide variety of subjects in Science, Language, and Humanities 

Self-made Teaching materials

Our tutors prepare all the powerpoints, notes and assignments to ensure students have the best learning experience

Books and Notes for sale

Notes and used books are for sale at a discounted price

Take a look now! 

low Tuition fee

We do not charge the first subject for tuition

One-TO-One online lessons 

In one-to-one sessions, tutors can provide guidance tailored to students' needs and interests, allowing them to benefit the most from the lesson

Qualified tutors 

Our tutors are from top high schools in Hong Kong  

Our Goal

E-Concept aims to offer online tutorial services to students from all around the world regardless of age, ethnicity, and background. We consist of dedicated senior students from around the globe, who come together with the shared mission of contributing to society. We strive to create a platform in which all students can access equal educational resources, disregarding their economic status.

Together we can empower with education, cultivate with care. 

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WhatsApp: +852 5400 5722

Facebook: EConcept HK

Instagram: econcept.com_hk

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