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Connie Fu

Chief Executive Officer

Connie Fu is the temporary Chief Executive Officer of E-Concept, replacing Jason during his leave. She has developed a deep passion for chemistry, computer programming and math since a young age. In addition to her intellectual pursuits, as a philanthropic person, she is a driven and compassionate individual dedicated to positively impacting children's lives, hoping to support those in need in the community with her knowledge and ability. She has various experience in participating in organising charitable events before, including visiting the elderly and providing aid to underprivileged children.
With a great desire to help others, Connie brings a wealth of leadership and organisational skills to the table, striving her best to serve society and help children discover their innate talents through organising different events. She believes that every child deserves to have access to resources and support that will enable them to reach their full potential, and by joining E-Concept, she will avail this precious opportunity and is committed to doing her part to make this a reality. She is determined to make the best out of her talents to give back to the community and remains resolute in her mission to do so.

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