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Lester Yeung

Public Relations Director (marketing and external affairs)

Lester Yeung is the Public Relations Director of E-Concept, mainly dealing with marketing and external affairs. He is an IB student studying at St. Paul’s Co-educational College who has an ardent interest in economics, business and Greek mythology. Lester is an amiable, benevolent and passionate person. He is enthusiastic about the activities that they engage in, for instance, Model United Nations conferences and various volunteering activities. He joined E-Concept as a tutor in the summer of 2022, and has wholeheartedly committed to preparing and delivering lessons.
Through his service in the organization, Lester has learnt that a tremendously large number of underprivileged children are talented and competent of making an influence in society in the future, however, are restricted by domestic issues and financial constraints, as well as a lack of opportunities to receive a quality education. With outstanding communication skills and noble friendliness, he is determined to lead the team to organize volunteering activities for tutors and reach out to more potential tutors and students as the Public Relations Director of E-Concept. He endeavors to make improvements to the operation of E-Concept and serve the community while also nurturing himself as a more capable leader and responsible global citizen.

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