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Yannes Chen

Subsidiary Director

Yannes Chen is the Subsidiary Director of E-Concept and a student at Maryknoll Convent School. She takes Mathematics Extended Module II, physics, economics, and history as her electives.
Yannes joined E-Concept in 2021 as a Math tutor. As a student who was then researching in inequality and social immobility, she believed that the most significant barrier to upward mobility is unequal access to education for children from different backgrounds. E-Concept cooperates with various charitable organizations and provides free online lessons to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Yannes believed it was the perfect platform for her to play a part in easing the problem, by giving her utmost effort. With great interests in social issues, she was the coordinator of the school’s Global, Citizenship and Civic Education team, a member of the debate team and Model United Nations. By taking the role of the General Secretary, she hopes to be part of the team that implements E-Concept’s vision and mission.

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