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Cycling Outing


Sam Lau, Tutor of

The cycling event was a tutor welfare event designated for us. It was truly an event that strengthened our bonds with all committee members on every board, as well as like-minded tutor individuals, providing us with an opportunity to spend time together while enjoying stunning scenery and taking a break from our hectic lives. I thoroughly enjoyed spending a full day with all the tutors and hope we can have more tutor welfare events soon!

Viann Lee, Tutor of

The cycling outing was the first E-Concept event in which I have ever participated.  Cycling for long distances is certainly not something I can do very often amid academic work.  Joining the activity allowed me to take a break from school, and to connect with other tutors that will work with me in the future.  I had fun talking to everyone and made a lot of new friends!  I am looking forward to other outings as we have entered the post-COVID era.

Max Chau, Tutor of

The cycling event was a long-awaited tutor gathering held by e-concept after a couple of months. Although the whole process was not as smooth as expected, I still enjoyed the whole event. With around 10-20 e-concept members attending, the cycling activity starts in Tai Wai after a drizzle. We initially planned to cycle all the way to Tai Mei Tuk and return back to Tai Wai, however, as people got sick and bikes got damaged, our plans were severely disrupted. Nonetheless, this proved the unity of all participants as the ones who arrived in Tai Po first were willing to wait for the ones arriving late. At last, with exciting outdoor activities and new friends, the day ended with laughter, and the joyful memories will stay in the hearts of everyone.

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