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What is E-Concept?

E-Concept is a non-profit organization consisting of high school students from around the world who wish to contribute back to the community using our first-hand experience and knowledge from the past years during this difficult time. Our core mission is to improve students’ well-being in a holistic approach by providing necessary voluntary tutoring and counseling services to lower form and primary students.

How we will use your donations:

Website maintenance & platform development

Your donations can allow our online platform to continue operating. We will also use your funds to develop new features and improve existing systems such that our platform will be more user-friendly

Organizing workshops &

extra-curricular activities

Your generous donations enable us to organize free activities according to your interests, which can enhance your knowledge and promote physical well-being. These include transportation fees and costs of materials.

Promotions & Recruitment

With your donations, we will be able to advertise worldwide and recruit more tutors and students. In addition, your funds can cover the expenses of teaching materials and online software.

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