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Voluntary Tutors Recruitment 

Application details

1.  Please complete the Google form. All F1-6 students

    are welcome to join! 

2.  Our admin staff will assess your Google form and

    schedule a brief interview with you. 

By being a tutor, 

1.  You will be able to tutor one or more students (depending on your will) in your own style; 

2.  You will be able to fulfil your OLE (other learning experiences) or CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service for the International Baccalaureate program);

​3.  You can enjoy a wide variety of tutor welfare provided by E-Concept: 

     -  A welcoming souvenir package

     -  An E-Concept t-shirt for free

     -  Priority access to join our events (free meal is usually provided for 

        our events!)

     -  Free merchandise products from time to time

     -  Access to join our tutor gatherings

     -  Volunteer certificates upon request

     -  Recommendation letters upon request​

Please note that: 

1.  Being a tutor at E-Concept is a voluntary service. This is a good chance for you to contribute to the community 

2.  You will not be paid for the services you provide

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