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Pre-F1 Interview Workshop


Samuel, Participant of Pre-F1 Interview Workshop


Michelle Chau, Events Committee Member of

Having experienced the difficult task of preparing for interviews, I am more than grateful to have this opportunity to give a helping hand to the participating P.6 students. It’s impressive to see how they’ve learnt something from our sharing, and this is undoubtedly a valuable volunteering experience.

Subie Tsang, Tutor of

The p6 interview workshop was my first volunteering event during my time in E-Concept. Throughout the preparation stage, it was eye-opening to see all of the time and effort that goes into making an idea come to life. Through communicating with the P6 kids during the event, I was also able to sympathise with their situation and provide advice suitable for them that can hopefully help them perform better during their secondary school interviews. Ultimately, it was an undeniably valuable experience for me to be able to guide the P6 kids in their transition to secondary school life and help them get into a secondary school they want.

Alson Shiu, Tutor of

I still remember how nerve racking when I had my first interview. I did not know what to present, and package the content in such a way that it could convince the interviewer to approve my application.

Having that in mind, I started to wonder, even though I did not receive any assistance not guidance during that time, is there something that I could do to help the next generation, giving them the help that I once lacked?

That's why I decided to become a tutor in this programme organised by E-Concept. It was a workshop that gave primary six students a holistic overview over what an interview to secondary school really is. In the workshop, tutors made up of secondary school students from senior forms shared their experience, and presented key tips on how to excel in an interview. I also shared some of the most important points to note when projecting one's voice. 

Overall, I would say that this event was a remarkable success, and was a testament to the fact that as long as you have the will to share your experience with the next generation, you have already made a positive impact and helped prepare them for future success.

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