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Alayna Shu

Chief Operating Officer

Alayna Shu is the Chief Operating Officer of E-Concept. She is an IB student who takes Chemistry, Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS), and Economics as her electives. She is passionate about music and has been playing the violin since the age of 5. As a community-minded person, Alayna has been trying to serve the society with her knowledge and ability, including organizing and playing in charity concerts and teaching children in need.
Alayna joined E-Concept as a math tutor in 2021 and worked as a committee member of the HR team before taking up the role of Chief Operating Officer. As the chairlady and concertmistress of the SPCC Symphony Orchestra, Alayna works well with people, connecting the team of 60 with music and her leadership skills. She is organized, warm-hearted and meticulous, which are essential skills in excelling in her work as the connection between the tutors and tutees, achieving E-Concept’s goal of serving and giving back to the community.

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