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Kyle Chan

Chief Financial Officer

Kyle Chan is the Chief Financial Officer of E-Concept. He is studying at S.K.H. Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School and his electives include Mathematics Extended Module I, Business Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS) and Economics. Also, he is interested in video production. He strongly encourages those who are interested to contact him in person.
The reason why he joined E-Concept is to serve society and help others who are seeking help now. As a Mathematics student, he believes that everything has an answer, which motivates him to dig out the solution to each problem. But when it comes to problems related to life, he would always give the same answer: learn hard and play hard, and E-Concept is the valuable place for everyone to unleash their potential and enjoy the fascination of sharing knowledge. He hopes everyone will enjoy a meaningful time in E-Concept.
As the financial director, he strives to make E-Concept as perfect as possible through proper allocation of resources to support the events financially, so that everyone can learn, serve, and improve together.

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