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Past Events

Check out our past events!

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Sherlock Holmes Easter Hunt Activity

Partnered with HKCNP, MKBC, Project Circle


To promote the festive atmosphere of Easter and provide primary school students with a learning opportunity by introducing them to knowledge beyond their primary curriculum, we hosted a series of game stalls, each related to a specific subject, for the primary school students.

DIY Christmas Decoration Workshop

Held via Zoom


With the aim of celebrating Christmas and giving children a taste of hand-making Christmas products, we held a workshop online, in which children can use their creativity to make Christmas decorations from used materials.

English workshops for K3 students

Partnered with On Chung Kindergarten


To train the English abilities of K3 students and pique their interest in English in a fun and engaging way, we held two sessions of face-to-face English workshops, which includes various activities, including storytelling, singing English songs and some mini-games.

Virtual Travelling Activity

Partnered with HKCNP


With the hope of providing children with an opportunity to take a look at places around the world during the pandemic, we held a virtual tour and introduced various countries or regions to them by talking about the social, economic, historic and architectural aspects, as well as providing mysteries and fun facts.

CNY Short-story Writing Workshop

Held via Zoom


A writing workshop was provided to students to boost their interest and train their skills in writing. Students were given a chance to collaborate and composite a story together in groups on a given topic under the guidance of our tutors and volunteers. Feedback was given to the participants as well for their future improvements.

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