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Cheryl Tsang


Cheryl Tsang

School & Current Grade:

Guildford High School, United Kingdom


Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry



Hi ;) I am Cheryl, a year 12 (form 5) student studying in the UK who's aiming to study mathematics at university. I have adequate experience in tutoring both primary and secondary school students who often find themselves struggling with concepts in mathematics, physics or chemistry. In my lessons, quizzes and homework exercises will be given to students to consolidate the knowledge they have learnt. At the same time, I would cater to each student's needs by making adjustments to my lesson content, such that every student is ensured having a joyous, effective and efficient experience. Looking forward to meeting you!


School attended previously:

St. Paul's Convent School


Subjects currently studying in A Level:

Mathematics, further mathematics, physics, chemistry



10 subjects grade 9 (A*) in IGCSE, including maths and further maths

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