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Odo Cheng


Odo Cheng

School & Current Grade:

St. Paul's Co-educational College Form 4




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Hi all, I'm Odo Cheng, a form 4 student in Hong Kong, studying Physics, Chemistry and Biology as my elective subjects.


I believe a good teacher is just like a catalyst to enhance the effectiveness of students' learning. Hence, my teaching method and pace will be personalized to students' abilities, ensuring they can grasp hold of concepts efficiently.


As an experienced tutor, I have helped students to improve over 20 marks in exam with only a few months of teaching.


Under my teaching, I am sure you would have a smoother and clearer experience in dealing with numbers. However, the reactants of the equation still require the determination and hard work by the students, so I'm sure success will not be far from sight if you are willing to learn!


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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