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Ryan Wong


Ryan Wong

School & Current Grade:

Diocesan Boys’ School G11


English, Math, Physics, Economics


Not available

Hey! I'm Ryan, a first-year IB student studying in Diocesan Boys' School. I mainly play fencing, and football as a hobby. I also watch football as well, and am an avid supporter of Manchester United. On the academics side, I take Physics, Chemistry and Economics at higher level. I have a really strong interest in maths and the sciences, so you are welcome to discuss with me or ask questions about things you don't understand.


As a tutor, I try to be as supportive as possible to my students. I believe that a motivated learner can learn more effectively. So I always try to encourage my students and push them harder. Learning new concepts and applying them can be a hard process, but eventually practice makes perfect, and I hope to help you master the concepts one by one by doing more practices, especially exam-styled questions, to help students get used to the style of exams and achiebing better grades.

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