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Wilson Lau


Wilson Lau

School & Current Grade:

Li Po Chun United World College | Grade11/Form 5


Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Economics, Chinese



Hi! This is Wilson. I am a form 5 IB student taking Chemistry, Biology and Economics as my electives. As a peer tutor, I hope to explore my student's potential and maximise one’s abilities to the fullest and make friends with my student at the same time. I will spend most of the class time explaining the core concepts while spending the rest of the time doing the drilling which will solidify one's understanding and applied the skills learnt with my students together, especially for maths. I believe that effective learning is crucial for one to study. No matter which school you are from and what academic levels are you currently achieving, I endeavour to share my skills and knowledge with you through inculcation. P.S. Flexibility is allowed for the lesson times provided that prior notification has been made in advance. Look forward to seeing you soon!

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